Making a piece of jewelry with Mellington was a process I was emotionally invested in very heavily. I was making an engagement piece for my girlfriend, and it needed to be beyond special.


There were many factors involved – the piece had to be a good daily wearer, it needed specific elements and stones based on my girlfriend’s astrological profile, and it needed to capture the qualities of our love for each other.


I can only imagine how difficult this is for a designer to manage, but Mel did so in ways exceeding professional standards. She had me tell the story of our relationship, and asked many more questions to create an in depth picture of the significance of this piece. The draft images which she presented to me later blew me away, for they were each beautiful, and further captured the essence I was looking for exceedingly well. After choosing one, we worked on this piece for about 3 months, emails back and forth with photos, and when I finally did receive the piece, I could not have asked for  a more fittingly inspiring jewel. Thank you Mel, you helped make this landmark in our lives truly, deeply special.


-Paul Yeoh
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I had the pleasure to work with Mellington on a custom engagement ring. My fiancee to be has been a huge fan of Mellingtons playful, whimsical style and aesthetic. Mellington worked closely with me incoorporating my vague ideas concepts, turning them into concrete and beautiful designs. We iterated the design in a number of round closing in on a beautiful, unique organic design. When i finally proposed to my girlfriend was speechless and overjoyed. Thank you Mellington for helping my life get that much more wonderful!

-Mike Tyka tyka ring