I have recently been playing with the juxtaposition of soft and hard, natural and industrial. In my jewelry collection I take iconographic images from nature and compose them in bold gestures and compositions. This series is mainly comprised from sterling Argentium silver, pearls, semi-precious stones and the occasional found objects. I assemble my pieces through the use of soldering, riveting, forging, fabrication and stone setting. Each lily blossom is hand forged and my pieces are fabricated and connected using anywhere from 6 to over 45 soldered connections.


In both my sculptural work and my wearable work I am constantly intrigued by what things look like as a solitary character, a grouping, or an army. This inquiry leads me to questions such as, “I wonder what a lake of water lilies would look like around my/a human body.” It’s in these questions that my finished pieces are born.