I approach my art through a unique custom design process in which I hone in on my client’s personal anecdotes, stories or wishes, which I then manifest into a physical product.

Designing a custom work of wearable art in this way results in a very special artifact, laden with meaning. I of course have the ability to create all sorts of pieces based on one’s desires or a style that a customer finds attractive, but my specialty lies in delving deeper and asking, Why? Why are we creating the piece in question? Who is it for, if not for you? If it is a gift, what makes the recipient dear to you? Why is he or she in your life?

Thus begins the path of the creative process – an experiential collaboration between you and I, and one that may not be for the weak of heart. Beautiful jewelry isn’t difficult to find; what I offer is. If you are looking for a one of a kind piece that is not only unique in design, but also in concept; a piece you can become a part of and one that will become a part of you; a piece to treasure and love for years to come…then I look forward to starting the journey with you.

Custom sample_For Paul