Mellington’s conceptual miniature work is inspired by the nomad, the idea of home, and the internal struggle between stability and instability. Born in 1984 to a Thai mother and an American Special Forces Father most of her multicultural childhood was spent going from military base to Military base, until her father passed away in Desert Storm 1991 the family became rooted in the Pacific Northwest.


She has received her B.A. from The Evergreen State College in Olympia, WA in 2006 where she concentrated in 3-dimensional design in wood and metals as well as cultural studies. After studying dance, language and Gastronomy for a summer in Barcelona, Spain she was granted the Mark Mable Memorial Fund for her senior thesis work. She has done an apprenticeship in Santa Fe, NM under Art Jeweler, Kristin Lora as well as ongoing classes at PRATT in Seattle, WA. She has also studied CAD Matrix Jewelry design at GIA in Bangkok, Thailand where she received her Graduate Gemologist Degree. She resides part-time in Munich, Germany with her husband and part-time in Seattle, WA where her business and family are located.


Mellington continues to explore the world of sculpture as well as jewelry and also creates a small production line using recycled sterling silver and hints of 14k gold. Along with gemstones and found objects connected with piercing and cold joining techniques she is inspired by nature and serpentine line quality in her wearables collection.


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